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Pictorial Sources on the United States in World War I

図像で見る アメリカの第一次世界大戦



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Part 1:

William E. Moore & James C. Russell, eds. U.S. Official Pictures of the World War: Showing America’s Participation  (1920) &
The United States Navy in the World War: Official Pictures 


ISBN 978-4-86340-247-8   •   A4横判   •   930 pp. (incl. 1 col.), ill.

定価 本体86,000円+税  2017年



Topics include: We Go to War • Training and Trench Fighting • Cantigny: Our First Offensive on European Soil • Chateau Thierry: Saving Paris • St. Mihiel: The American First Army in Action • The Meuse-Argonne: Smashing the German Pivotal Position • Operations of the Second Army • On Other Fronts: British, Italian, Russian • The Services of Supply • Conquering the U-Boat • Victory and the Armistice • Women in the War • Welfare Organizations in the War • The Medical Corps in the War • The Combat Divisions • The Three Decorations for American Soldiers • Final Report of Gen. John J. Pershing • America’s Amazing Achievement • [Navy:] Naval Overseas Transportation • Trans-Atlantic Flight • The United States Marine Corps



Part 2:

Frank J. Mackey & Marcus Wilson Jernegan, eds. Forward – March!: The Photographic Record of America in the World War and the Post-War Social Upheaval (1934)  2 vols


ISBN 978-4-86340-248-5   •   A4判   •   454 pp., ill.

定価 本体42,000円+税  2017年



Topics include: General John J. Pershing’s Report • The Cost of the War • The Draft • Recruits • Training • The White Parade: nurses, medical units, hospitals • Activities of the Navy • Army Operations: trenches, poison gas, prisoners of war • American Armies in Action • Fini la Guerre: marching to Germany, peace conference, homeward bound, parades and cheers, “forgotten men”, “What Price Glory” • The World in Revolt • Communistic Activities in the U.S.A. • Rabblerousers: the strike epidemic, agitators and leaders, “Call Out the Guard”, demonstrations against the Government, loyalty of world war veterans • A Proposed Counter-Offensive • Another World War Looms on the Horizon • Can the United States Keep Out of the Next World War?



Part 3:

Albert Eugene Gallatin, ed. Art and the Great War  (1919) &
George J. Hecht, ed. The War in Cartoons: A History of the War in 100 Cartoons by 27 of the Most Prominent American Cartoonists (1919)


ISBN 978-4-86340-249-2   •   A4判   •   500 pp. (incl. 3 col.), ill.

定価 本体45,000円+税  2017年



Topics include: Former War Pictures • America’s Failure to Make Adequate Pictorial Records • Art Museums and the War • American Federation of Arts • National Arts Committee • Division of Pictorial Publicity • Official Artists • War Pictures Painted in America • Posters • Cartoons • Sculpture • Allied War Salon