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Athena Sources in Advice Literature

An Encyclopaedia of Domestic Economy

Edited by Thomas Webster (1844)


全3巻 + 別冊解説:植松 靖夫(東北学院大学教授)

ISBN 4-902708-14-0  ・  菊判  ・  c. 1300 pp., ill.

定価 本体54,000円+税  2005年


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Volume 1

On the Domestic Residence • On Warming Domestic Edifices • On Ventilation • Artificial Illumination • On Household Furniture • On the Establishment of Household Servants, and Their Duties

Volume 2

On Food • On the Various Beverages Used in the British Isles • On Making Bread • On the Preservation of Food

Volume 3

On the General Arrangement of a Kitchen, and on the Culinary Processes, and Apparatus for Cooking • Practical Household Details Connected with Cookery • Receipts for English Cookery • French Cookery • Confectionary for Desserts, Routs, and Balls • Cooking for the Economist and Invalid • On the Various Textile Fabrics for Clothing and Furniture • Details Respecting Various Articles of Dress • The Toilet, and Subjects Connected with It • Still Room, and the Manner of Fitting Up a Domestic Laboratory • Jewelry • Economy of the Laundry • Carriages • Of Stables, and the Management of Horses • Dairy, and the Management of Domestic Animals • Preservation of Health, and Domestic Medicine