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Athena Sources in the History of World War I

The "Manchester Guardian" History of the War


ISBN 978-4-86340-148-8  ・  A4判  ・  3300 pp.

定価 本体270,000円+税 分売可 2013年


Part 1: Volumes 1–3 (1914-1915)

ISBN 978-4-86340-149-5 • 1200 pp.  本体90,000円+税

Part 2: Volumes 4–6 (1915-1917)

ISBN 978-4-86340-150-1 • 1040 pp.  本体90,000円+税

Part 3: Volumes 7–9 (1917-1920)

ISBN 978-4-86340-151-8 • 1060 pp.  本体90,000円+税

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 現在のガーディアン紙につながる1821年創刊のManchester Guardianが出した第一次世界大戦の特集。




内政 : The War Crisis at Home • Labour in the War • Strategy and Politics • The Red Cross • Ireland and the War • The Last of the Voluntary System • Compulsion • The Extension of Compulsion • Women’s Work in the War • The Arts in War Time • The Dublin Rebellion • The State and the Soldier • The Finding and Training of the Officer • Women in War Time • The Food Problem • The Women’s Army • Social Changes in England during the War, etc.

国際情勢 : The Response of the Empire • Opinion in the United States • The Intervention of Japan • Russia in War Time • Germany’s Food Troubles • The War and the Far East • The War and the Dominions • The Entry of the United States • The Revolution in Russia • The Imperial War Conference • The Conquest of East Africa • The Collapse of the Russian Army in 1917 • Revolutionary Politics in Russia • India and the War • The Fate of Jerusalem • The Russian Revolution • The Coming of the Bolsheviks • Europe in 1920, etc. 

財務状況 : The Finance of the War • Pensions and Allowances • The War Budget • The Great War Loan • The Economic Policy of the Allies • Five Years’ War Finance, etc. 

法的関係 : Sea-Power and Sea-Law • The Law and the Courts • The Defence of the Realm Acts and Personal Rights • Prisoners of War, etc.



The Government’s early policy towards aliens; Lord Bryce’s report on German outrages in Belgium and France; China’s relations with Japan; Chinese and American criticism of Japan; Belgian refugees in Britain; depreciation of stocks; the Hague Conventions; the Home Rule Bill; the Press Bureau; socialists and the War; songs of the British Army; “Single Men First”; Sinn Feinn prosecutions; Zeppelins; Rupert Brooke; cartoons on the War; literature in War time; closing of museums in London; women and the labour market; Sir Roger Casement; Coercion Acts in Ireland; disabled soldiers and sailors; origins of the Irish Rebellion; Japan’s policy at Tsingtao; Red Cross scandals in Mesopotamia; conscription in Australia and Canada; the Somme film; liquor control; the Zionist movement in Palestine; creation of the Pensions Ministry; early closing order of shops; the elimination of typhoid; War Savings Certificates; etc.