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Athena Sources in the History of World War I

The War Illustrated: Album de luxe
The Story of the Great European War Told by Camera, Pen and Pencil


ISBN 978-4-86340-160-0  ・  A4判  ・  3900 pp.

定価 本体285,000円+税 分売可 2014年


Part 1: Volumes 1–2 (1914-1915)

ISBN 978-4-86340-175-4 • 780 pp.  本体57,000円+税

Part 2: Volumes 3–4 (1915)

ISBN 978-4-86340-176-1 • 780 pp.  本体57,000円+税

Part 3: Volumes 5-6 (1915-1916)

ISBN 978-4-86340-177-8 • 780 pp.  本体57,000円+税

Part 4: Volumes 7-8 (1916-1917)

ISBN 978-4-86340-178-5 • 780 pp.  本体57,000円+税

Part 5: Volumes 9-10 (1917-1919)

ISBN 978-4-86340-179-2 • 780 pp.  本体57,000円+税

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 本体のデイリーメール紙がそうであるように、取り上げるニュースやそのコメントの刺激的な内容で大衆的な読者層を獲得しており、記事の執筆には多くの有名人や作家、ジャーナリスト――H. G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, Arthur D. Innes, Gilbert Parker, Marie Corelli, H. W. Wilson, Cicely Hamilton, Lord Northcliffe, Basil Clarke, H. W. Nevinson, Arthur Machen, Max Pemberton, Hamilton Fyfe――が関わったプロパガンダ色の非常に強い内容です。



General / Various : Why Britain Went to War (H. G. Wells) • How the Boer War Prepared Us for the Great War (Arthur Conan Doyle) • With the Camera in the War-Stricken Countries • Dogs and Birds That Help the Allied Armies • Scenes of Japan’s Activity in the World War Taken at the Actual Capture of Tsing-Tau • Footballers to Play the Greater Game • Wily Wheeled Warriors: Cyclists in Training • Sports and Pastimes near the Firing-Line • Royal Academy Pictures of the Great War • The Horrors of the Poison War • The Shooting of Nurse Cavell • The Fall of Warsaw: The Eclipse of Russian Poland • Armenians Fight with Russia in Asia Minor • The Death and Resurrection of the Foreign Legion • Is It a Capitalist War? • America’s Roaring War Trade • The Twenty Best War Poems (William Robertson Nicoll) • Army Dogs’ Headquarters • Rebuilding Ruined Lives (Lady Jellicoe) • Scenes in the Tracks of the Sinn Feiners • Camels Travelling to the Front by Train • Japan’s Soldiers as I Know Them (F. A. Mackenzie) • The British Flag over Bagdad • French Honours for American Fighting Heroes • Allies’ Activity against Bolshevist Anarchy, etc.r, etc.

British Empire : United Ireland: A New Source of Strength to the Empire • Fervent Loyalty of the Indian Princes • Terror by Night: The Gurkhas at Work • Boer and Briton Unite against the Teuton • Indian Heroes from Trench to Breezy Brighton • There is No Colour-Line in the Battle-Line • Planting the Union Jack in German Africa • How Botha Saved the Union in South Africa • Britain’s Conquest of the German Cameroon • With the Canadians in Camp and Trench, etc. 

The “Home Front” : Will the War Change England? (H. G. Wells) • Workers and “Shirkers” (Marie Corelli) • “His Majesty’s Dockers”: Workers in Khaki • New Garden City for Woolwich War Workers • The Manless Homes of England (Cicely Hamilton ) • The War and Our National Life, etc.c. 

Women : Woman’s Healing Work among the Wounded • War’s Diverse Effects on Feminine Temperament • Women Serve the Country in Munition Factories • War and the Real Triumph of Feminism • Some of the Women behind the Guns • Crêche for Women Munition Workers’ Children • Women’s Rural Activities • Women of the Allied Nations on War Work • Daughters of Empire in Diverse Employments, etc.