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Athena Sources in the History of World War I

The Great War … I was There !
Undying Memories of 1914–1918


ISBN 978-4-86340-161-7  ・  A4判  ・  2300 pp.

定価 本体176,000円+税 分売可 2015年


Part 1: Volumes 1–2 (1914-1917)

ISBN 978-4-86340-218-8 • 1132 pp.  本体88,000円+税

Part 2: Volumes 3–4 (1917-1920)

ISBN 978-4-86340-219-5 • 1164 pp.  本体88,000円+税

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 さまざまな階層の人々が綴ってきた戦争体験を大量の写真とともに掲載した週刊誌を復刻。 戦争に参戦した人々、戦争を目にした人々の、それぞれの体験や記憶が時間を追って収録されています。
 証言記事の書き手の大半がイギリス人ですが、ドイツ、ニュージーランド、オーストラリア、南アフリカ、カナダ、USAなど他国の人が書いたものも含まれています。 寄稿した著名人には、著述家ではArthur Machen、J. M. N. Jeffries、John McCrae、Max Pemberton、Philip Gibbs、H. W. Nevinson、 William Beach Thomas、H. M. Tomlinson、Francis Brett Young、政治家ではLloyd George、Winston Churchill、Lord Beaverbrookほか、女性ではMay Sinclair、 Viscountess Rhondda、Sylvia Pankhurst、Mrs C. S. Peel、H. Pearl Adamの名が見られます。



When the Foreign Office Blundered • Birth of a World Song (Tipperary) • I Fired the First Shot! • Horses Honoured in Their Country’s Service • Amazing Armistice: The Historic Christmas Truce of 1914 • My Four Years in a Frenchwoman’s Cupboard • A Poet Encounters Tragedy • I Saw the Agony of the First Gas Attack • I Went Down with the Lusitania • My Escape from an English Prison Camp • First Use of Liquid Fire • Outwitted by the British Secret Service • I Was in London’s First Air Raid • I Was London’s First Zepp Raider • I Pleaded in Vain for Nurse Cavell • I Had to Shoot My Friends • A Poet’s Memories of Trench War • I Saw Dublin in Revolt • I Filmed the Somme Advance • Drudgery and Dangers of Minesweeping • We Saved the Suez Canal • I Was a Prisoner under the Sea • I Saw London’s Worst Daylight Raid • A Shell Took Off My Leg: Tragedy of a Brave Munition Girl • I Was with Lawrence of Arabia When He Blew Up a Turkish Railway • In Five Days the Austrian Empire Collapsed • When Britain Was Really Hungry • War Meant No Food, Dress or Coal for Us: German Girl’s Story of Starvation in Berlin • Fighting the Bolsheviks in Russian Forests • On the Trail of the German Retreat • Red Revolution Comes to Kiel and Cologne: I Saw My Officers Shot • The Armistice Was No Fun in France: Weeks of Boredom and Short Rations • Prisoner’s Last View of Germany • I Saw the Peace Treaty Signed • We Correspondents Saw War But Were Forbidden to Tell the Truth • The War Seen by the Soldier Poet • Army, Corps and Divisions: Their Battle Signs • Index