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Part 1, Vols 1-4: Social Life and Manners, 1st series




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Volume 1. Alice Morse Earle Home Life in Colonial Days (1898)

ISBN 4-902708-06-X     486 pp., 25 pl., ill.



Homes of the Colonists • The Light of Other Days • The Kitchen Fireside • The Serving of Meals • Food from Forest and Sea • Indian Corn • Meat and Drink • Flax Culture and Spinning • Wool Culture and Spinning • Hand-weaving • Girls’ Occupations • Dress of the Colonists • Jack-knife Industries • Travel, Transportation, and Taverns • Sunday in the Colonies • Colonial Neighborliness • Old-time Flower Gardens • Index



Volume 2. Alice Morse Earle Child Life in Colonial Days (1899)

ISBN 4-902708-07-8     440 pp., 56 pl., ill.



Babyhood • Children’s Dress • Schools and School Life • Women Teachers and Girl Scholars • Hornbook and Primer • School-books • Penmanship and Letters • Diaries and Commonplace Books • Childish Precocity • Oldtime Discipline • Manners and Courtesy • Religious Thought and Training • Religious Books • Story and Picture Books • Children’s Diligence • Needlecraft and Decorative Arts • Games and Pastimes • Children’s Toys • Flower Lore of Children • Index



Volume 3. Esther Singleton Dutch New York (1909)

ISBN 4-902708-08-6     384 pp., 49 pl., ill.



Settlement and Early Conditions of New Netherland • Orchards and Gardens, Houses and Streets of New Amsterdam • Costume • Rooms and Furniture • Pictures, Silver, China, Glass, and Curios • New Amsterdam Housekeeping • Servants and Slaves • Education • Religion, Persecution, and Superstition • Courtship and Marriage • Physicians and Surgeons, Births and Deaths • Taverns and Excise Laws • Sports, Festivals, and Pastimes • Merchants and Trade • Index



Volume 4. Esther Singleton Social New York under the Georges, 1714–1776: Houses, Streets and Country Homes, with Chapters on Fashions, Furniture, China, Plate, and Manners (1902)

ISBN 4-902708-09-4     428 pp., ill. 



Aspects of the Small Town: the city and its streets; vacant land and typical houses; house-building, fires, rents and mails; country-seats and farms • Houses and Furniture: evidences of luxurious living; living-rooms and their contents; cabinet-makers and vendue sales; walls, pictures and looking-glasses; beds, chairs, tables and clocks • Table Furnishings: china: useful and ornamental; plate: tankards, punch-bowls and candlesticks; teapots, urns and spoons; pewter, glassware, cutlery and brass • Costumes of Men: the man of fashion: his wigs and hats; the clothes men wore; coats, buttons, shoes and gloves • The Dress of Women: toilet, paints and perfumes; hair-dressing, caps and hats; gloves, shoes and stays; hoops and mantua-makers; extravagance and economy; jewelry and ornaments • Amusements: outdoors sports; theatres; music; balls, assemblies and public entertainments; shows and exhibitions • Manners, Food and Culture: accomplishments; food from the fields and the sea; markets and cookery; taverns and tea-gardens; fashion and luxury; extravagance and a return to simplicity • Index