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Part 10, Vols 36-38: Regional History, 3rd series




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Volume 36. John Charles Campbell The Southern Highlander and His Homeland (1921)

ISBN 978-4-86340-015-3    428 pp., 37 pl.



More or Less Personal • The Southern Highlands and the Southern Highlander Defined • Pioneer Routes of Travel and Early Settlements • Ancestry • The Present Highland Population • Individualism in Various Aspects • The Rural Highlander at Home • The Growth of Denominationalism in the Highlands • The Religious Life of the Rural Highlands • Living Conditions and Health • Resources of the Mountain Country and Their Development • Education • Avenues for Contact and Progress • The New Basis of Appeal • Appendices • Index



Volume 37. John Spencer Bassett, ed. The Southern Plantation Overseer as Revealed in His Letters (1925)

ISBN 978-4-86340-016-0    292 pp., 2 pl.



The Overseer and His Work • The Duties of the Overseer • Terms of the Overseer’s Contract • The Plantation Experience of James K. Polk • Ephraim Beanland’s Struggle for Plantation Supremacy • Beanland and the Plantation Routine • The New Plantation in Mississippi • The Overseership of George W. Bratton, John I. Garner, Isaac H. Dismukes, and John A. Mairs • The Planter and His Commission Merchant • The Lesson of the Letters • Index



Volume 38. Frank Lawrence Owsley Plain Folk of the Old South (1949)

ISBN 978-4-86340-017-7    258 pp.



Southern Society: A Reinterpretation • To the Promised Land: The Migration and Settlement of the Plain Folk • Southern Folkways • The Role of the Plain Folk • Appendix: A Statistical Analysis of Land and Slave Holdings in Sample Counties • Index