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Part 14, Vols 54-56: Women’s History, 3rd Series




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Volume 54. J. Parmly Paret The Woman’s Book of Sports: A Practical Guide to Physical Development and Outdoor Recreation (1901)

ISBN 978-4-86340-134-4    174 pp., 18 pl.



Introduction • A Rudimentary Lesson in Golf • Lawn-Tennis for Beginners • How to Sail a Catboat • The Useful Art of Swimming • The Use and Abuse of Bicycling • Basketball for Young Women • Physical Exercise and Development • Men’s Sports from a Woman’s Viewpoint: football, baseball, yacht-racing, rowing, athletics



Volume 55. Lucille Eaton Hill, intro. Athletics and Out-Door Sports for Women (1903)

ISBN 978-4-86340-135-8    358 pp., ill.



Introduction (Lucille Eaton Hill) • Physical Training at Home (Anthony Barker) • Gymnasium Work (Watson L. Savage) • Dancing, Æsthetic and Social (Melvin Ballou Gilbert) • Cross-Country Walking (John Bapst Blake) • Swimming (Edwyn Sandys) • Skating (William T. Richardson) • Rowing (Lucille Eaton Hill) • Golf (Frances C. Griscom, Jr.) • Running (Herbert H. Holton) • Lawn Tennis (J. Parmly Paret) • Field Hockey (Constance M. K. Applebee) • Basket-Ball (Ellen Bernard Thompson) • Equestrianism (Belle Beach) • Fencing (Regis Senac) • Bowling (Sophie Gundrum) • Track Athletics (Christine Terhune Herrick)



Volume 56. Gertrude Dudley and Frances A. Kellor Athletic Games in the Education of Women (1909)  & Florence Bolton Exercises for Women (1914)

ISBN 978-4-86340-136-5    422 pp., 6 pl.



[Dudley & Kellor Athletic Games:] Value of Athletic Games: citizenship and social education; educational value of athletics; instructors: their responsibility and training • Present Conditions: athletics in secondary schools, in universities and colleges, in political and social organizations; competitive and public games • Methods of Instruction: general training and contests; basketball; indoor baseball; field hockey • Index

[Bolton Exercises:] Touching Upon a Few Underlying Facts and Principles • Clothes an Important Factor • Shoes • Some Suggestions with Regard to Exercise • The Bath • Mat Exercises • Appendix