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Part 17, Vols 64-66: Art History, 1st series


アメリカ映画: 初期の映画製作


ISBN 978-4-86340-180-8  ・  菊判 

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Volume 64. Frederick A. Talbot Moving Pictures: How They Are Made and Worked (1912)

ISBN 978-4-86340-181-5    354 pp., 96pl., ill.



What Is Animated Photography? • The First Attempts to Produce Moving Pictures • The Search for the Celluloid Film • The Kinetoscope, the Animatograph, the Cinematograph • How the Celluloid Film Is Made • The Story of the Perforation Gauge • The Moving Picture Camera, Its Construction, and Operation • Developing and Printing the Pictures • How the Pictures Are Shown upon the Screen • The Studio for Staging Moving Picture Plays • The Cinematograph as a Recorder of Topical Events: Scenic Films • The Cinematograph Theatre and Its Equipment • How a Cinematograph Play Is Produced • Moving Pictures of Microbes • Some Elaborate Picture Plays and How They Were Staged • Pictures That Move, Talk, and Sing • Popular Science as Revealed by the Cinematograph • Trick Pictures and How They Are Produced • Electric Spark Cinematography • The “Animated” Newspaper • Animation in Natural Colours • Moving Pictures in the Home • Motion-Photography as an Educational Force • Recent Developments • Index



Volume 65. Austin C. Lescarboura Behind the Motion-Picture Screen (1919)

ISBN 978-4-86340-182-2    434 pp., ill.



Working Plans of the Motion Picture • The Artist Who Paints the Film Subjects • The Real Role of the Picture Actor • The Motion-Picture Camera • The Cameraman and His Art • In the Land of Make Believe • The Birth-Place of the Motion Picture • The Generals of Shadowland • Tricks of the Screen • From the Camera to the Screen • Reporters of the Screen • Putting It on the Screen • Pictures in Natural Colors • Filming the World Invisible • Pictures That Talk and Sing • Cartoons That Move and Sculpture That Lives • Motion Pictures in Strange Fields • Motion Pictures in the Home and Business • The Present Status of the Motion-Picture Art • The Future of the Motion Picture • Index




Volume 66. Joseph P. Kennedy, ed. The Story of the Films (1927)

ISBN 978-4-86340-183-9 • 402 pp., ill.



Supervision from Within • Origin and Growth of the Industry • Financial Aspects • Production Problems • Building a Photoplay • Short Reels and Educational Subjects • The Actor’s Part • Distributing the Product • Advertising Motion Pictures • Theatre Management • The Motion Picture and Vaudeville • Reminiscences and Observations • Future Developments • Index