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Part 19, Vols 71-74: Art History, 3rd series


アメリカ映画: 初期の「映画論」


ISBN 978-4-86340-189-1  ・  菊判 

定価 本体78,000円+税  2015年

アメリカ映画初期において書かれた、映画のための、また、映画についての、先駆的な著作6点を集成。 映画製作の方向性や映画評論のあり方を打ち立てる上で貢献があった、映画発展史を考える上での重要著作です。

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Volume 71. Epes Winthrop Sargent Technique of the Photoplay (1912; 3rd ed., 1916)

ISBN 978-4-86340-190-7    408 pp.



Introduction: the manuscript department; the studio; locations; the director; manufacture and distribution • Plotting: what constitutes a plot; motives; accuracy; plausibility; struggle and suspense; crisis and climax; anti-climax; character; etc. • Photoplay Form: titles; the synopsis; the cast of characters; scenes and scene plots; leaders and cut-ins; the close-up; cut-backs and flashes; trick and light effects; etc. • Writing in Form: the plot of action; continuity; adaptation and reconstruction, etc. • Classification of Photoplays: drama; historical and costume plays; problem plays; purpose and propaganda plays; melodrama; comedy; farce and slapstick; multiple reels; features; series and serials; talking pictures, etc. • General Information: selling the script; editors and others; censorship of films; copyright and the copyrighted story; schools and agencies; prize schemes, etc. • Glossary



Volume 72. Vachel Lindsay The Art of the Moving Picture (1915; 2nd ed., 1922)

ISBN 978-4-86340-191-4     334 pp.



The General Photoplay Situation in America, January 1, 1922 • The Point of View • The Photoplay of Action • The Intimate Photoplay • The Motion Picture of Fairy Splendor • The Picture of Crowd Splendor • The Picture of Patriotic Splendor • The Picture of Religious Splendor • Sculpture-in-Motion • Painting-in-Motion • Furniture, Trappings, and Inventions in Motion • Architecture-in-Motion • Thirty Differences between the Photoplays and the Stage • Hieroglyphics • The Orchestra, Conversation, and the Censorship • The Substitute for the Saloon • California and America • Progress and Endowment • Architects as Crusaders • On Coming Forth by Day • The Prophet-Wizard • The Acceptable Year of the Lord



Volume 73. Victor Oscar Freeburg The Art of Photoplay Making (1918) & Pictorial Beauty on the Screen (1923)

ISBN 978-4-86340-192-1 • 506 pp., 28 pl.



(The Art of Photoplay Making:) The New Art • The Psychology of the Cinema Audience • Pictorial Composition in Static Forms • Pictorial Composition in Fluent Forms • Camera Magic • The Appeal to the Imagination • Symbolism and Allegory • Dramatizing a Natural Setting • Words on the Screen • Screen Comedy • The Delineation of Character • Dramatic Appeal • The Construction of a Plot • Commercial Needs • Index


(Pictorial Beauty on the Screen:) Pictorial Art in the Movies • The Practical Value of Pictorial Composition • Eye Tests for Beauty • Pictorial Force in Fixed Patterns • Rhythm and Repose in Fixed Design • Motions in a Picture • Pictorial Motions at Work • Pictorial Motions at Play • Pictorial Motions at Rest • Mastery in the Movies • The Mysterious Emotions of Art



Volume 74. Frances Taylor Patterson Cinema Craftsmanship: A Book for Photoplaywrights (1920; 2nd ed., 1921)  & Scenario and Screen (1928)

ISBN 978-4-86340-193-8 • 534 pp., 20 pl.



(Cinema Craftsmanship:) The Art and the Science • The Plot • The Characters • The Setting • Adaptation • Scenario Technique • Writing a Synopsis for the Photoplay Market • Cinema Comedy • The Critical Angle • The Photoplay Market • “Witchcraft” • Index


(Scenario and Screen:) The Author • The Story • The Continuity • The Titles • The Camera • The Director • The Scenario Editor • The Producer • The Press • The Outlook • Diction on the “Lot” • Index