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Part 3, Vols 9-12: Social Life and Manners, 3rd series




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Volume 9-12. Seymour Dumbar A History of Travel in America (1915)

ISBN 4-902708-13-2    1602 pp., 12 col pl., ill., maps



Topics discussed include: west- and southward exploration and migration; life on the frontier; relations with the indigenous population; geography and condition of the country and the difficulty of travel; Indian trails and guides; early travel by water: canoes, pole-boats and ferries, primitive bridges; sedan chairs; horseback journeys and the first horse vehicles; travel in winter; forests and wilderness; the hill people; log cabins and cabin dwellers; Daniel Boone’s wilderness road; caravans; the Transylvania Company; relationship between forest trails and rivers; women in pioneer life and work; establishment of a regular national transportation system; appearance of the stage-coach; the era of the pack-train; early taverns and travel conditions: laws and regulations; John Fitch and the application of steam in transportation; steam boats; the age of the flatboat, ark and keel-boat; early companies, legislature, and monopoly; travel through Indian territory; final wars and treaties concerning control of territories; the Santa Fe Trail; the Mississippi Valley; the last pioneer generation; regulation of taverns, roads, ferries and navigation; end of the river pirates; economic importance of the horse; horse thieves; Davy Crockett and flatboat life; origin and development of the national roads; evolution of the stage-coach; building and exploitation of a canal network; line- and packet-boats; development of railroads and locomotives; migration to the West; the Mormon overland pilgrimage; the transcontinental railway, etc.

The work is based on numerous travel accounts, diaries, and other primary sources, listed in the extensive “Contribution to a Bibliography of the History of Travel in America,” and contains many documents and illustrations from these sources, and concludes with an Index.