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Part 1, Vols 1-2: Social Life, 1st Series




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Volume 1. Thomas Wright Caricature History of the Georges; or, Annals of the House of Hanover, Compiled from the Squibs, Broadsides, Window Pictures, Lampoons, and Pictorial Caricatures of the Time (1868)

ISBN 4-902708-22-1  •  652 pp., 13 pl.(1 col.), c. 400 ill.



George I • George II • George III • Regency

Topics discussed include: Jacobite riots and the Riot Act; history of the London Jacobite mob; the king’s departure from Hanover; prevalence of highway robbery; the South Sea Bubble; sudden multiplication of stock-jobbing bubbles; South Sea caricatures; the stage; operas, masquerades, and pantomimes; The Beggar’s Opera; The Dunciad; political use of the stage; Act for licensing plays; attacks upon Pope; the Bill for the naturalisation of the Jews; Hogarth’s prints; popular discontent; beer versus gin; magazines and reviews; prevalence of quackery and credulity; influence of French fashions; exaggerated fashions in costume; the Maccaronis; The North Briton, and the “Essay on Woman”; attempt to tax the Americans; liberty of the press; caricatures on the American war; Fox’s India Bill; Carlo Kahn; the trial of Warren Hastings; first indisposition of George iii; the Regency Bill; effect of the French Revolution in England; revolutionary sympathy in England; taxes and reform; insult upon George iii; wine and dog tax; Irish rebellion; extravagance of fashions; the balloon mania; gambling; licentiousness of the masquerades; the opera and its abuses; the Pic-Nics; the Shakespeare mania; science; societies; Buonaparte emperor; Trafalgar; Waterloo; the dandies and the hobby-horses; etc.



Volume 2. Henry Benjamin Wheatley Hogarth’s London: Pictures of the Manners of the Eighteenth Century (1909)

ISBN 4-902708-23-X  •  488 pp., 53 pl.



Hogarth’s Life and Works • High Life • Low Life • Political Life • Church and Dissent • Professional Life • Business Life • Tavern Life• Theatrical Life • Hospitals • Prison and Crime • The Suburbs • Literature of Hogarth • Index