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Part 11, Vols 42-46: Cultural History, 3rd Series




ISBN 978-4-86340-162-4  ・  菊判/A4判 

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現在、その競技人口が2億5千万人ともいわれ、国際連合加盟国を上回る国と地域で行われている、世界でもっともポピュラーなスポーツ、サッカー。その母国を任じるイギリス・イングランドにおいてこの競技がいかにしてスポーツとして確立し広まっていったのか、歴史的な発展状況を詳述する名著2点を復刻します! 「フットボール」、「サッカー」、「ラグビー」の語源的背景も、イギリス国内の階級や地域の対立といった社会的問題も浮かび上がってくる、イギリス研究の重要な資料です。もちろん写真も満載、フットボール・マニア必携の内容を備えています。学生用の洋図書としても!

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Volumes 42–45. Alfred Gibson and William Pickford, eds Association Football and the Men Who Made It (1905–6*)

ISBN 978-4-86340-163-1  •  888 pp., 96 pl., ill.  •  菊判



(1) History of the Game • How to Keep Goal • The Forward Game • Giants of the Game • Phases of Football

(2) The Origin and Future of the Football League • Impressions of Wing Play • The Duties of a Full Back • Half-Back Play • Football Journals • Giants of the Game • A History of Midland Football • Football in Sheffield • Football in Lancashire • Phases of Football

(3) The Referee: Past, Present, and Future • London Football • The Art of Goalkeeping • North-Country Clubs • Football in Manchester • Football in Bury • Football Association Council

(4) The Game in Scotland • Queen’s Park • Duties of a Centre Forward • England v. Scotland: Some Famous Games • Giants of the Game • The Association Cup: A Record of the Great Classic Contest • South of England Clubs • Football in Ireland • International Football • Famous Forward Lines • Defence in Football • The Game in Wales • How to Run a Football Team • The Laws of the Game • Index

* Date according library catalogues.


Volume 46. The Book of Football: A Complete History and Record of the Association and Rugby Games (1906)

ISBN 978-4-86340-164-8  •  304 pp., ill.  •  A4判



In addition to chapters on the histories of about fifty famous clubs, of the games in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and of the various soccer and rugby organizations, the work also comprises chapters on: –

The Antiquities of Football • The Growth of Modern Football • The Making of a Player • Football Fiascos • The £ s. d. of Football • The Ball and the Boot – How They Are Made: Some Interesting Facts about a Great Industry • The Evolution of the Playing Pitch • Football in the Army • The Day’s Work: How the Professional Player Is Trained • Public School Football • Schoolboy Football • Big Transfers and the Transfer System • The League and the League System • University Football: Association; Rugby • England’s International Teams, and How They Are Selected • Football in America • The Art of Captaincy • The Principal Amateur Clubs of the Past • The Much-Abused Referee