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Part 2, Vols 3-6: Social Life, 2nd Series




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Volume 3. Alfred Barbeau Life and Letters at Bath in the Eighteenth Century (1904)

ISBN 4-902708-25-6  •  360 pp., 32 pl.



Preface, by Austin Dobson • Bath to the Last Years of the Seventeenth Century • The King of Bath: organisation of fashionable life, 1730–1761 • Life at Bath: amusements • Society in Bath: Sheridan’s marriage; the Methodists • Authors at Bath: Bath in plays and novels; Sheridan, Smollett, Jane Austen, and Dickens; the “Water Poets”; the Bath-Easton Parnassus; Anstey; Prior Park; its literary guests (Pope, Warburton, Fielding), and other famous visitors • Art and Science: the Woods, Gainsborough, Lawrence, Herschel • The Transformation of Bath in the Nineteenth Century • Index



Volume 4. Lewis Melville Bath under Beau Nash (1907)

ISBN 4-902708-26-4  •  338 pp., 13 pl.



The Early Years of Beau Nash • Bath before the Eighteenth Century • Fashionable Bath before Nash • Richard Nash, M.C. • The Famous Code • The Bath Road • The City of Bath • A Day at Bath under Beau Nash • The Baths • The Company at the Bath: some visitors’ impressions; costumes and scandal • At the Tables • The Last Years of Richard Nash • The Character of Richard Nash • Appendices • Index



Volume 5. Lewis Melville Brighton: Its History, Its Follies, and Its Fashions (1909)

ISBN 4-902708-27-2  •  268 pp., 24 pl.



Brighton before the Eighteenth Century • The Rise of Brighton, 1700–1782 • The Prince of Wales and the Marine Pavilion • The Company at Brighton: a rake-helly set; private life at the pavilion • The Increasing Popularity of Brighton • The Brighton Road • Sea-Bathing and the Baths • A Day at Brighton: the Master of the Ceremonies’ balls and assemblies; minor amusements • Brighton since George IV • Appendices • Index



Volume 6. Lewis Melville Society at Royal Tunbridge Wells in the Eighteenth Century – and After (1912)

ISBN 4-902708-28-0  •  315 pp., 25 pl.



The Discovery of the Springs, 1606 • The Development of Tunbridge Wells, 1606–97 • The Company at Tunbridge Wells in the Eighteenth Century • Beau Nash at Tunbridge Wells, and Other Masters of the Ceremonies • An Eighteenth-Century Post-Bag from Tunbridge Wells • A Day at Tunbridge Wells in the Eighteenth Century • Tunbridge Wells since the Eighteenth Century • Appendix