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Part 3, Vols 7-9: Social Life, 3rd Series




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Volume 7. John Timbs Clubs and Club Life in London, with Anecdotes of Its Famous Coffee Houses, Hostelries, and Taverns, from the Seventeenth Century to the Present Time (1872)

ISBN 4-902708-30-2  •  560 pp., 19 pl.



Clubs: origin of clubs; early political clubs; street clubs; blasphemous clubs; mug-house clubs; eccentric clubs; Jacobite clubs; economy of clubs; whist clubs; chess clubs; Douglas Jerrold’s clubs; and accounts of numerous specific clubs such as the Apollo, Kit-Kat, Tatler’s, Almack’s, Brooke’s, White’s, Boodle’s, Beef-Steak Society, Watier’s, Robin Hood, Blue-Stocking, Dilettanti Society, Royal Naval, Oriental, Garrick, Oxford and Cambridge, Crockford’s, etc. • Coffee-Houses: early coffee-houses; coffee-houses in the eighteenth century; and accounts of such establishments as Garraway’s, Dick’s, Lloyd’s, Baker’s, Don Saltero’s, Smyrna, St James’s, Will’s, Chapter, Turk’s Head, Grecian, Peele’s, etc. • Taverns: the taverns of old London; tavern life of Sir Richard Steele; Piccadilly inns and taverns; Islington taverns; Marylebone and Paddington taverns; Kensington and Brompton taverns; Knightsbridge taverns; Pimlico taverns; Lambeth: Vauxhall taverns and gardens; freemasons’ lodges; theatrical taverns; and accounts of many renowned inns and taverns • Index



Volume 8. Ralph Nevill London Clubs: Their History and Treasures (1907)

ISBN 4-902708-31-0  •  326 pp., 9 pl. (1 col.)



The Origin of Clubs in Coffee-Houses and Taverns • Curious Clubs of the Past: Pratt’s; Beefsteak clubs, old and new • Clubs of St James’s Street: Boodle’s, Arthur’s, and White’s • Brook’s, the Cocoa-Tree, and the Tatched House • Changes in Club Life and Ways • Elections, Committees, Regulations, Rules • Late Sittings, Fines, Cards, Characters, Supper Clubs • Accounts of specific clubs such as the Travellers’, Oriental, St James’s, Turf, Bachelors’, Union, Carlton, Conservative, Reform, National, Oxford and Cambridge, Army and Navy, Caledonian, Athenaeum, Dilettanti, Cosmopolitan, Kit-Kat, Royal Societies’, Burlington Fine Arts’, Garrick, Jockey, etc. • Index



Volume 9. John Ashton The History of Gambling in England (1898)

ISBN 4-902708-32-9  •  296 pp.



Topics discussed include: difference between gaming and gambling; dicing in England; celebrated gamblers; cards; description of a gaming-house, 1669; royal gambling discontinued by George iii; gambling in church; legislation; peeresses as gaming-house keepers; raids; gambling at Bath; gambling ladies; gambling clubs; gambling by the English at Paris; hanging, the penalty for losing; suicide; description of the principal gaming-houses in the West End in 1817; Select Committee on Gaming, 1844; wagers and betting; betting in the House of Commons; anecdotes of betting; horse racing; bookmaking; turf frauds; gambling on race courses; lotteries, government loans; commencement of the Bank of England; stock jobbers; the Stock Exchange; the South Sea bubble; bubbles of 1825; railway mania; early marine assurance, Lloyd’s, curious insurances; life insurance; etc.a rake-helly set; private life at the pavilion • The Increasing Popularity of Brighton • The Brighton Road • Sea-Bathing and the Baths • A Day at Brighton: the Master of the Ceremonies’ balls and assemblies; minor amusements • Brighton since George IV • Appendices • Index