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Part 4, Vols 10-14: Women's History, 1st Series




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Volume 10 & 11. Georgiana Hill Women in English Life from Mediaeval to Modern Times (1896)

ISBN 4-902708-34-5   742 pp., 2 pl.



Women in the Days of Feudalism: a mediaeval manor-house; learning before the days of the printing press; the rise of the middle classes; women and ancient gilds; the mediaeval nun; the church as a social factor; almsgiving in olden times • England after the Renaissance: family life after the fall of feudalism; the scholars of the sixteenth century; a lady’s education in the seventeenth century; glimpses at great ladies; every-day life in the Stuart period; petitioners to Parliament; heroines of the civil war; the martyr periods: religious zeal and religious apathy; witchcraft; women and the arts • Life in the Last Century: matrons and maids; the great lady of the eighteenth century; the political influence of women; the Bas-Bleu; the philanthropists; sermons in drawing-rooms • Women in the Victorian Era: change of ideal; the modern great lady; women as travellers and explorers; educational advance; women in literature; art as a profession; the gentlewoman in trade; the modern woman of business; the factory hand; the domestic servant; the modern humanitarian movement; the sisterhood system; the freedom of dissent; woman as nurse; woman as doctor; women and modern politics; women and public work; the claim for political equality • Index



Volume 12. Rose M. Bradley The English Housewife in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (1912)

ISBN 4-902708-35-3   348 pp., 8 pl., ill.



The Training of the Housewife • The Country Housewife • The Home • Hospitality • The Kitchen and the Inventories • The Table • The Herb-Garden and the Still-Room • The Servants • The London Housewife • Shopping under the Stuarts • The Dutch Influence • The Lady of Quality • The Pudding Age • What Money Could Buy • The Georgian Home • The Age of Gentility • The Honours of the Table and the Foot-Man’s Guide • Index



Volume 13. Myra Reynolds The Learned Lady in England, 1650–1760 (1920)

ISBN 4-902708-36-1  •  502 pp., 16 pl.



Topics discussed include: difference between gaming and gambling; dicing in England; celebrated gamblers; cards; description of a gaming-house, 1669; royal gambling discontinued by George iii; gambling in church; legislation; peeresses as gaming-house keepers; raids; gambling at Bath; gambling ladies; gambling clubs; gambling by the English at Paris; hanging, the penalty for losing; suicide; description of the principal gaming-houses in the West End in 1817; Select Committee on Gaming, 1844; wagers and betting; betting in the House of Commons; anecdotes of betting; horse racing; bookmaking; turf frauds; gambling on race courses; lotteries, government loans; commencement of the Bank of England; stock jobbers; the Stock Exchange; the South Sea bubble; bubbles of 1825; railway mania; early marine assurance, Lloyd’s, curious insurances; life insurance; etc.a rake-helly set; private life at the pavilion • The Increasing Popularity of Brighton • The Brighton Road • Sea-Bathing and the Baths • A Day at Brighton: the Master of the Ceremonies’ balls and assemblies; minor amusements • Brighton since George IV • Appendices • Index



Volume 14. Ida Beatrice O’Malley Women in Subjection: A Study of the Lives of Englishwomen before 1832 (1933)

ISBN 4-902708-37-X  •  366 pp.



Subjection in Law and Life • Relative Education • The Vindication in Life and Letters • The Vindication in Religion • Mary Wollstonecraft • The Women Philanthropists • The Progress of Education and the Literary Ladies • Jane Austen and the Middle-Class Women of Her Day • Working Women at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century • The Springs of the Women’s Movement • List of Dates • Index