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Part 6, Vols 21-23: Social Life, 5th Series




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Volume 21-22. William Biggs Boulton The Amusements of Old London: Being a Survey of the Sports and Pastimes, Tea Gardens and Parks, Playhouses and Other Diversions of the People of London from the Seventeenth to the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century (1901)

ISBN 978-4-86340-022-1  •  564 pp., 12 col. pl.

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The Diversions of Hockley in the Hole, and at Figg’s • London al fresco: The Tea Gardens • The Masked Assembly • The Play Tables • The Cockpit • The Play and the Opera • London al fresco: Vauxhall • The Fairs • The Prize-Ring • The Parks • The Clubs and Coffee-Houses • Of Sundry Diversions

Topics discussed include: bear and bull baiting; women boxers and sword-fighters; spread of open-air entertainments under the Georges; masquerades; fashionable craze for gambling; introduction of whistand faro; hazard among the lower classes; cock-fights; first appearance of women actors; in the ladies’ dressing-rooms; Beau Brummell at the opera; social control of admittance to the opera; libertines at Vauxhall; the Spectator’s visit to Vauxhall; Vauxhall gardens taken over by Jonathan Tyers; Hogarth as a benefactor of Vauxhall; fireworks introduced; growth of St. Bartholomew’s Fair; “Lady Holland’s Mob”; Southwark Fair; Mayfair and its attractions; earliest record of boxing in England; virtues claimed for pugilism by the prize-ring; opening of an academy for teaching boxing; instances of “bought” boxing fights; The Pugilistic Society; strife between the “fancy” and the police; deaths in the boxing ring; the game of Pall Mall; the Mall promenade and some of its characters; the Mall deserted by fashion for the Green Park; puppet shows; waxworks; pantomime; public bathing in the Thames; the privilege of free speech on the Thames; water entertainments and regattas; public executions; etc. 



Volume 23. Edwin Beresford Chancellor The Pleasure Haunts of London during Four Centuries (1925)

ISBN 978-4-86340-023-8  •  476 pp., 17 pl.



The Earliest Theatres • The Earliest Bankside Theatres • Some Seventeenth-Century Theatres • Drury Lane, Covent Garden, and the Haymarket • Lesser Theatres of the Past • Bear- and Bull-Baiting, and Other Pastimes • The Stews, Gambling Hells, etc. • Paris Garden, Spring Gardens, and Vauxhall • Ranelagh, the Pantheon, and Mrs. Cornelys’s Assemblies • Dioramas, Panoramas, and Other “Shows” • Almacks • London Fairs • Pleasure Gardens: Marylebone Gardens, etc. • Spas and Pleasure Gardens • The Opera, and Other Musical Haunts, etc. • Exhibitions, Zoological Gardens, etc. • Index