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American Popular Literature

American Gothic



全15巻 + 別冊解説

Part 1: 1820-1860 Gothic and Sensational Literature 全7巻 + 別冊解説1

ISBN 4-902708-15-9  ・  菊判  ・  c. 2600 pp.

定価 本体133,000円+税  2005年 品切れ


Part 2: 1860-1940 全8巻 + 別冊解説2

ISBN 978-4-902708-75-2  ・  菊判  ・  c. 2800 pp.

定価 本体144,000円+税  2007年



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Part 1

Volume 1

John Neal Rachel Dyer : A North American Story (1828)

Volume 2

William Gilmore Simms Martin Faber : The Story of a Criminal, and Other Tales, Vol. 1 (1837; Martin Faber first publ. in 1833)

Volume 3

Robert Montgomery Bird Sheppard Lee (1836)

Volume 4

Lydia Maria Child Philothea: A Grecian Romance (1836; 1848 ed.)

Volume 5

Maria Monk Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, as Exhibited in a Narrative of Her Sufferings during a Residence of Five Years as a Novice, and Two Years as a Black Nun, in the Hotel Dieu Nunnery at Montreal (1836)

Volume 6

George Lippard The Quaker City; or, The Monks of Monk Hall: A Romance of Philadelphia Life, Mystery and Crime (1844–45; 1876 ed.)

Volume 7

George Lippard The Empire City; or, New York by Night and Day: Its Aristocracy and Its Dollars (1849–50; 1864 ed.)
George Lippard New York: Its Upper Ten and Lower Million (1853; 1854 ed.)


Part 2

Volume 1

Harriet Elizabeth Prescott (Spofford) Sir Rohan's Ghost: A Romance (1860),

bound with “The Amber Gods” and “Circumstance” from The Amber Gods and Other Stories (1863)

Volume 2

Elizabeth Stuart Phelps (Ward) Men, Women, and Ghosts (1869)

Volume 3

Fitz-James O’Brien The Diamond Lens with Other Stories, ed. by William Winter (1881; 1885 ed.)

Volume 4

Louisa May Alcott A Modern Mephistopheles and A Whisper in the Dark (1889; A Modern Mephistopheles first publ. in 1877)

Volume 5

Robert William Chambers The King in Yellow (1895)

Volume 6

Mary Eleanor Wilkins (Freeman) The Wind in the Rose-Bush and Other Tales of the Supernatural (1903),

bound with “A Symphony in Lavender” and “A Far-Away Melody” from A Humble Romance and Other Stories (1887); “The Twelfth Guest” and “A Gentle Ghost” from A New England Nun and Other Stories (1891); and “The Little Maid at the Door” from Silence and Other Stories (1898)

Volume 7

Gertrude Atherton The Bell in the Fog and Other Stories (1905),
ound with “The Foghorn” from The Foghorn: Stories (1934)

Volume 8

“Max Brand” (Frederick Faust) Destry Rides Again (1930)

Volume 9

Francis Marion Crawford Wandering Ghosts (1911)