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Athena Sources in Children's Literature and Education

Cassell's Children's Book of Knowledge

Edited by Harold F. B. Wheeler



ISBN 978-4-86340-244-7  ・  菊判  ・  4374 pp., incl. 53 col. pl., ill.

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Part 1: Volumes 1–3 (A-INC)

ISBN 978-4-86340-245-4 • 1980 pp., incl. 24 col. pl., ill.  本体81,000円+税

Part 2: Volumes 4-7 (IND-Z+Index)

ISBN 978-4-86340-246-1 • 2394 pp., incl. 29 col. pl., ill.  本体97,000円+税



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Nature: Air: The Invisible Ocean in Which We Live • Astronomy: The Wondrous Science of the Stars • Bee: In the Workshop of the Bees • Beetles: The Armoured Bandits of the Insect World • Butterflies and Moths: The Elves and Sprites of Insect Life • Duck: That Great Traveller • Mother Earth • Evolution: Life’s Endless Unfolding • Fossils: The Buried History of the Earth • Geography: Our Wide, Wide World • Geology: The Wondrous Story We Read in the Rocks • Germs: Man’s Deadliest Foe, the Microbe • Gravitation: The Force That Hold the Universe Together • Light: Nature’s Fastest Traveller • Mammals: The Animal Kingdom That Includes Man • Monkey: Our Acrobatic Cousins • Moon: The Earth’s Child, Ruler of the Tides • Spiders: The Robber Barons of Spider Land

Places: Asia: The Great Mother of Civilization • Balkan Peninsula: The Powder-Magazine of Europe • British Empire: The Empire That Girdles the World • Canada: Britain’s Eldest Daughter • China: The Home of Upside Down • England: Mother Land of the World’s Greatest Empire • Europe: Mother Land of the Modern World • India: The Teeming Millions of Britain’s Indian Empire • Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun: The Story of an Artistic People • Giant London: The Heart of the British Empire • United States: The Rise and Progress of a Vast Republic  

People: James Barrie: The Story of the Boy Who Would Never Grow Up • Charles Granville Bruce: The Greatest Climb in History • Geoffrey Chaucer: The Morning Star of English Poetry • Robert Clive: The Creator of the Indian Empire • Charles Dickens and His Story People • George Eliot: A Woman Painter of Word Pictures • Queen Elizabeth: The Glorious Reign of Good Queen Bess • Ralph Waldo Emerson: The Apostle of Self-Reliance • Abraham Lincoln: From Log Cabin to White House • David Lloyd George: The Prime Minister of the “World War” • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: The Poet of Joys and Sorrows • Samuel Morse: The Inventor of Flying Words • William Shakespeare: The “Myriad-Minded,” Chief Glory of the English Stage

Science and Technology: Aeroplane • Balloon: How Man Learned to Travel on the Highways of the Sky • Brain: The Marvellous Machinery • Bridge: The Bridge Builder and His Work • Submarine Cables • Canals: Linking the Cities with the Seas • Electricity: The “Fire of Heaven,” Man’s Friend and Foe • Explosives: Modern Titans That Move Mountains • Gas: The Invisible Fuel • Gramophone: The Wonder Machine That Talks • Kinematograph: Wonders of Moving Picture Land • Locomotive: The Wonders of the Railway Engine • Microscope: The Explorer of the Unseen World • Motor-Car: How It Works • Monotype and Its Typecaster • Panama Canal: Tragedy and Triumph • Photography: The Mechanical Eye That Sees for All • Telegraph: The Flashing Wires That Girdle the Earth • Telephone: Teaching Electricity to Talk • Building a Great Telescope • Wireless: Flashing Words on Lightning Wings

Economy and Industry: Agriculture: How the Farmer Feeds the World • Blast-Furnace: The Birth of the Giant of Modern Industry • Cloth and Clothing Industry: Suits by the Million • Coal: The Black Diamonds That Do the World’s Work • Coinage • Commerce: Ties of Trade That Unite the World • Cotton: Her Wonderful Gifts to the World • Economics: The Misnamed “Dismal Science” • Furniture Making • Gold: The Metal That Measures the World’s Wealth • The Miracles of Iron and Steel • Knitting Machines • Leather: How Hides and Skins Become Leather • Lumber: From Logging-Camp to Sawmill • Newspapers: The World’s History, Day by Day, Delivered to Your Door • Oil and Its Many Uses • Sugar: The History of a Lump of Sugar • Wool: How the Sheep’s Coat Gets on Your Back • Tea: When the World Sits Down to Tea

Military: Army: When Nations Settle Quarrels by War • Battle-Ship: The Hard Hitters of the Navy • Guns and Rifles • Military: Soldiers of Many Lands • Naval Training: How to Become a British Sailor • Navy: Grim Guardians of the Seas • World War: The Greatest War in History

Art and Literature: “Arabian Nights”: One of the World’s Great Books • Architecture: The Story of the Ages in Chapters of Stone • Robinson Crusoe in Fact and Fiction • Engraving: The First Step in Making a Half-Tone Printing Block • English Language and Literature • Fine Arts: The Artist’s Eternal Quest of Beauty • Glass: The Magic Art • Musical Instruments

Religion, Mythology and Legend: King Arthur: The Glorious Founder of the “Table Round” • The Story of Christianity • Esther: The Jewish Maiden Who Became Queen of Persia • Fairies • Galahad • Madonna • Magic: Charms, Spells, and Incantations • Monks: Life in Cell and Cloister • Thor

School Learning: Addition Without Tears • The Wonderland of Arithmetic • Fractions • Geometry: Measuring Angles, Surfaces and Solids • Grammar: Forming Our Everyday Speech • Mathematics: The Science of Number and Quantity • Multiplication: A Simplified Method • Nature Study: Learning to Read in Nature’s Book

Sports and Games: Athletics: Building Brain and Body • Baseball • Basketball • Boats and Boating: The Many Steps from Raft to Motor-Boat • Boxing • Camping • Chess • Fencing • Football • Golf • Kites • Knots• Lawn Tennis • Swimming

Miscellaneous: Books and Book-Making • Boots and Shoes • Bread and Biscuits • At Home with the World’s Children • Christmas Carols Round the Globe • Clocks and Watches • Costume: The Pageant of Dress • Etiquette: Some Do’s and Don’ts • First Aid: What to Do till the Doctor Comes • Food: What to Eat to Build Healthy Bodies • Government: The Business of Running a Country • Hats and Caps • Hygiene: Your Health and How to Keep It • Lighthouses and Lightships • Montessori Method • National Songs • Strange and Beautiful Stamps of Many Lands