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Athena Sources in Women’s History

The Woman's World

Edited by Oscar Wilde (November 1887–October 1889)


全2巻 + 別冊解説:玉井 暲(武庫川女子大学教授)・角田 信恵(岐阜聖徳大学教授)

ISBN 978-4-902708-83-7  ・  A4判  ・  1280 pp., ill.

定価 本体84,000円+税  2007年


『レディーズ・ワールド』(1886年創刊)を改名し1887年11月に新装された女性向け月刊誌『ウーマンズ・ワールド』。オスカー・ワイルドの編集になる2年間に別冊解説を付して復刻。 文学、美術のみならず各界の女性たちが執筆。「女性の地位」「女性参政権」「女性の職業」「女性の高等教育」などについての記事が多数収録されており、女性問題、ジェンダー研究にとっても第一次資料です。

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Oscar Wilde, his wife Constance, his mother Lady Wilde, ‘Ouida’, Amy Levy, Dorothy Nevill, ‘Violet Fane’, Ella Hepworth Dixon, Olive Schreiner, ‘Marie Corelli’, Edith Nesbit, Millicent Fawcett, Janet Hogarth, Jane Harrison, Arthur Symons, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, etc.



Walter Crane, Dorothy Tennant, Charles Ricketts, etc.



Women in professional and political life: Girl Workers • Professions for Women: medicine; nursing; elementary school teaching • Woman and Democracy • The Working Ladies’ Guild • The Fallacy of the Equality of Woman • The Fallacy of the Superiority of Man • Reasons for Opposing Woman Suffrage • Type-Writing and Shorthand for Women • Women’s Suffrage • Woman’s Work in Politics

Education of women: The Oxford Ladies’ Colleges • Life at Girton • The Gymnasium for Girls • A Girton for Housewives • The Women Benefactors of Oxford

Fashion and dress, and other conventional women’s topics: London Fashions • Paris Fashions • Children’s Dress This Century • The Society of Lady Dressmakers • The Modern Dressmaker • Décolleté Dresses • Politics in Dress • Women Wearers of Men’s Clothes • Fans • Culture versus Cookery • Being Married and Afterwards • Brides and Bridal Customs • Wedding Presents, Past and Present • The Ethics of Tidiness • Shopping in London

Literature: The Poetry of Christina Rossetti • The Drama in Relation to Art • The American Girl in Fiction • Shakespeare’s Mother • Guy de Maupassant • Pierre Loti and His Works • Villiers de l’Isle Adam

‘Orientalist’ topics: Japanese Art Wares • A Chat about Japanese Dress • The Marriage of the Emperor of China • The Kakémono Frame • Woman in Oriental Poetry and Literature